How to create a gallery wall

We all love a gallery wall! But while it might look effortless, it actually takes more time and thought than you might think to get it spot on. There are also endless layout options you could choose which can leave many feeling a bit overwhelmed! 

So who better to get gallery wall tips from than the pros over at Abstract House?! Our designers love to source artwork from this small, independent design studio as they provide top quality and stunning prints at an affordable price point so everyone can hang them proudly on their walls.

We filmed our Head of Design Lucy Henderson and Summer Obaid, Director at Abstract House as they swap their gallery wall tips and test out some layout options. So all you need to do is watch and learn!


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In the video...

Lucy: "At My Bespoke Room, we often plan gallery walls for our clients and we'll produce visuals on how it will look on their wall. Have you got any tips on planning gallery walls at home? Where do you start when planning the layout?"

Summer: "That's a really good question. Gallery walls are probably my favourite things to curate.

Determine the size of your space to start with. Find those pieces that really speak to you and then find additional pieces that match what you're looking for to get that overall look."

how to make a gallery wall

Lucy: "We often get asked by clients to incorporate some of their own artwork and also incorporate some new pieces as well and maybe mix it up a bit with some typography, maybe some abstract and maybe some photography. So have you got any tips on how to pull multiple styles together?"

Summer: "If you've got three pieces of art you want to put together but you want to extend your collection, combining them using similar frame colours for example and just mixing and matching pieces - that's what makes a statement gallery wall.

Whether you select matching colours in the undertones of the piece for example, let's say we're looking at a green gallery wall, they don't all have to look the same, and that's the beauty of the piece itself. You can find some, let's say, leaf photography intertwining with green nature prints. You can have pops of colour that really work - our motto is that we want art to bring your walls to life."


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Lucy: "And I guess it's also about the layout?"

Summer: "You have endless possibilities! I think it depends on the size of your space, the positioning of where you want it to be on your walls. Then you can build up from there. Choosing new prints that you like and matching them to the artwork you already have and building your own collection.

Many people get blank pieces of paper out and measure them to fit the frames that you have. You can also curate it on the floor to see what layout is best suited to your room and also the space. It allows you to visualise it before you actually hang it on your wall."

Lucy: "So I know how I like to create a gallery wall, but I thought it would be fun for us to do one together, what do you think?!"

Summer: "Fantastic!"

gallery wall layout

how to create the perfect gallery wall

It just shows - we're both experts at putting up gallery walls but actually there are so many different ways of doing it and so I think it's all about having fun, what do you think?"

Summer: "Definitely. There's no one right way to do it. Just play about before you hang them on the wall, see what layout worked and just have fun!"

Lucy: "So we're going to be using these command strips today to hang them."

Summer: "This looks great! And because we used the command strips, if you change your mind, you can simply swap them over."

Lucy: "So Summer, what are your top three tips for creating a wonderful gallery wall?"

Summer: "Be bold. Don't be afraid to take a risk. You've seen the different styles that we've used today and I think they work really well together. If you're unsure and not 100%, definitely make use of something like command strips so you can chop and change. Again, make it fun, make it enjoyable. Art should be an expression of you and it should be something you love to live with everyday."

Lucy: "Thanks so much Summer!"


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