Warning! This video will make you want to repaint your whole home pink. Watch at your own risk!
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Meet Tash Bradley:

Lucy: "It's so light and so clever how you've zoned the space!"

Tash: "I'm pleased you said it's light! This is one of the things - I wanted to be a really light space and that's why we went with the pale pink so it warms it up.

Because it's a studio, we had to be really careful about how we were going to utilise all the little spaces within it."


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Tash: "Over here is my favourite area. Sam and I love to host. I found these scaffolding boards on Ebay for like a fiver a board. We sanded the down, treated them. This table actually used to seat 12 and so for a flat that's only 600 square feet it was a bit excessive! So a couple of weekends ago, Sam and I sawed it down and now it sits six comfortably."

Lucy: "It fits amazingly well in the space and having that rug zoning it."

Tash: "No exactly, a little rug that goes underneath zones it out and makes it separate to the sitting room."


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Lucy: "The plants here as well are really great to add height and drama as well as colour and texture."

Tash: "Exactly, I wanted to play with the eye and have things at different levels. Just to emphasise the height of the room.

The plants also really bring out the tones in the paint and I love that pink and green combination!"

Lucy: "Look what you've done with that bedroom space. It's so clever what you've done here with this crittall screen. It helps zone it but lets the light in."


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Tash: "Thank you! This was the first thing on my list that I wanted to put in because I wanted the bedroom to feel separate to the rest of the house. When you live in a studio, open plan with a kitchen and living space is absolutely fine. But in the bedroom you want that feeling of going to bed. 

This picture is what pulled the inspiration for the whole flat."

Lucy: "Often, our clients come to us with a piece of artwork and that starts the whole colour scheme."


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"And again here with the bed head you've linked the colour palette throughout. You've got slightly different patterns a texture with the cushions. The blush and green is carried throughout."


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