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1. My first tip would be to paint the light colour which is normally the top colour first. So paint that top coat over and you want it to be bone dry. Leave it to dry for for a minimum of four hours. If you've got the luxury, leave it for half a day.

2. When it comes to painting that perfect straight line, measure, from the skirting up to the height that you want using a measuring tape.

3. Then with a pencil (not a pen - I've made that mistake before!) make a little cross.

4. Then, I recommend then using a spirit level to measure out around the room marking little crosses as you go. 

5. Next is your masking tape which you can use to join the dots.

6. Now you can get the paint out! Coat your brush, any excess I like to brush off so it's not too gloopy.

7. Gently feather the paint along the line. Our paint has incredible coverage so you can see it really easily goes on. Don't worry about going over the masking tape.

8. Then get your roller and roll the whole of the bottom half. Go close to the line (carefully!) because you don't want to see too many brush strokes. 

9. I always include the skirting because it's a much cleaner finish and you don't want your eye drawn to the skirting. 

10. This also applies to radiators - blend them in so they don't become a focal point. Our paint can go on all surfaces and that's including the matt paint. 

11. I leave it for an hour to two hours. Because the first coat is completely dry you don't want to take the masking tape off too quickly because the paint my bleed into the lighter colour. So leave it, have a nice cup of coffee and you'll come back to the pure satisfaction of ripping it off!


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